Ziwei is an art of destiny which, though widespread in the West for much longer than the Bazi, has not developed much. One of the reasons for this is the complexity of placement of the 109 stars and more, their analysis.

Ziwei in ProSuite is the ability to get a grid and soon an analysis instantly. This can therefore be an interesting complement to Bazi and Qimen Destiny, or your basic tool if you are a Ziwei specialist.

Using ProSuite’s Ziwei means re-discovering this art by avoiding its tedious side.


Ziwei grids

ProSuite offers the basic grid (left) and 4 standard time grids. The names of the stars can be displayed in English or French and you can change their names to use yours and also insert your description.

The stars can be colored according to their group of belonging, their element, or not at all.

Two main approachs

There are two main currents in the constitution and analysis of a Ziwei grid. The Anglo-Saxon approach that works on a reduced number of stars and that embodied by Vo Van Em through his famous book adapted in French by François Villée which uses 105 stars. The placement of the stars differs somewhat, as does the interpretation.

ProSuite allows a single click to choose to work in either mode. Extensions to come will propose the sets of rules adapted to each approach. But you can of course enter yours with a new tool: ProBuilder.


The cartouche contains the essential information, including the date with its pillars and the time zone chosen for the calculation. Each grid can be calculated for a different time zone, depending on what you want to do.

For example, if you need to select a date for a person living in New York, it makes sense to work with the New York Times data, not from your home or from Beijing.

The stem behind which the daily and daily Jia is located is also indicated.



The navigation bar under the grid allows you to review the dates. It also allows you to change the grid type or use a new date.

allows to change the timezone, to store the grid in ProSuite for later retrieval.


It is very easy to get back to today’s date or choose a date in the calendar and then move around day by day for example.


9 stars are used for transit and are therefore repositioned on the grid at the same time as the new palaces. These stars in transits recognizing their gray background, for example here Armor and White Tiger in the house II.

Influence palaces

To facilitate the analysis, it is possible to display the palaces in congruence and in opposition to any palace simply by clicking on them.

Star catalog

There are many stars in Zi wei. To find your way around, you can view the complete catalog of stars and find them either in their group or through the search field.

You can access additional information about the stars and change their name and description.

If Emperor (light or bright) is in the Yin palace or in the house II or in  one of the trigones of this house, or else if Emperor and Fame are in the house VI during luck period, then…

Ziwei rules can be particularly complex. This is why ProBuilder is a complementary tool designed to offer maximum comfort for writing rules, which is usually done once for a given set of rules. You can create and name different rule sets, with explanations for triggering this rule, and then choose whether or not to use them in your analysis.



ProBuilder is a visual editor that makes it easy to enter and modify complex Zi wei rules. Just click on one of the components.

The tool palette automatically adapts to the type of object being manipulated, which can be a logical object such as an And, an Or, an In, or a semantic like a Star, a Palace, a Branch … or static information such as Male or Female depending on the gender of the person whose chart is the subject.

The rule is also displayed in clear as it is being built.

Once the rule is built and documented, it can be used in ProSuite.



Main features

109 stars

The entirety of the 109 stars divided into 10 groups positioned with a single click

anglosaxon - Vo Van Em

Choose the type of construction and analysis you want between these two big models


The intensity of some stars is automatically calculated and displayed

editable catalog

Modify the name and description of the 109 stars according to your habits

customizable analysis

Define your own personal rules and documentation with ProBuilder ©


9 planets positioned in transit on the 4 time grids with their brightness

influence palaces

Visualize the congruence and opposition palaces with a click to facilitate your analysis

early zi

The calculator supports both operating modes: early zi and early zi next day

multiple births

ProSuite offers two options to treat multiple births: elder or benjamin in destiny

Display options

Different display options allow you to adjust the presentation according to your work habits

HD printing

Create stunning prints with ProSuite vector images that can be saved in Pdf format or directly on your printer

Store your cases

Memorize your analysis data and associate it with your customers in ProSuite for later retrieval

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