I am primarily an initiator, which is why the pitch of this site is “reborn ex-utero”.

Competent, precise even perfectionist, but also pedagogue, I advise and transmit in a number of areas, the main ones are the meditation of mindfulness, reiki, traditional chinese arts. Each of these areas is experienced as a form of passion. Only the quintessence matters to me. Because it is in it that the energy that allows individuals to take important steps in their lives relies. Changing one’s mind is paramount, it’s the only thing you take with you at the end of this life.

Vipassana teacher

I met Vajrayana Buddhism in 2001 at the Karmapa Institute in Valderoure in the back of the country of Grasse. I took refuge in Vincennes with Khandro Rinpoche and practiced Powa with Khenpo Thubten, then the preliminaries of Tibetan practices of nygma and kagyu lineages, the ati yoga with the sadhana of Miling Dorsem.

In 2006, my path crossed Vipassana in the line of Mahasi Sayadaw and after many retreats, I was appointed as a retreat teacher by Venerable Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo in January 2013.

I organize retreats or mini retreats in France.
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Expert in feng shui, bazi, qimen …

I learned traditional Chinese arts with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai in 2001, then other masters or teachers afterwards, including the very popular Joey Yap.

Since then, I have helped many individuals and professionals in their projects thanks to these tools.
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Concomitantly with Buddhism, I followed twice the traditional Reiki initiation course as conceived by its creator Usui, namely as a set of Buddhist tools from which all the ritualistic aspects were removed: first in France , then Arizona to get the lineage and the purest transmission.

Since 2003, I have been training and reconnecting Reiki practitioners and trainers with the Buddhist essence of this discipline, without which the most important is missing.
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Computer enthusiast

I am 13 years old in 1975 when I start my first programs on an HP-21C, then the 41C: prehistory. Since then, I have never stopped learning new computer languages, although my stint at École Centrale made me practically anything but that.

The first part of my professional career took place in software engineering – ie the design of tools to facilitate the work of computer scientists – then in the system architecture, joining my passion for architecture and design in general.

It is thanks to this very high tech background that marip then ericspirau.com offers books and online calculators for the Chinese traditional arts.
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